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When I first approached Emond Hagens from Markies catering, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Emond gave me a lot of space to create something of my own, and I was determined to use this opportunity to reach out to the secondary school students of this big school and create something different. I was blessed by having Kelly Rose as my advisor! (http://passionatenutrition.co.uk/about/). 

I chose to use my professional knowledge to connect nutrition with dreams fulfilling (and the stars as a metaphor), and promote the message that in order to get the best out of yourself you need to eat well. The ISH is a multi-ethnical, international school and I wanted that the people on the posters wil also be ethnically diverse.  With the help of Rik Taam, Claudia van der Meer, Marjolijn  Hut and Natalia Mauritz , we organized an active day to boost the interest around the posters.  The day included tastings of three colourful vegetable dips, and inspirational talks during the breaks.  The students and the staff reacted very positively and it was a great success!.

When I started this project I could visualise my ideas, but actually doing it, creating a beautiful exhibition that I am so proud of, and a successful active day at the ISH, empowered me a lot, I feel that I can bring a lot of myself, combining knowledge and creativity in these types of educational project which fulfill me a lot, and at the same time benefit many other people. 


The concept behind this project was to demonstrate how nutrition affects your brain, body and looks and that a good nutrition will bring you closer to your dreams. Posters on this topic were hung around the school from Tuesday, September 19 till Tuesday, September 26.

On Tuesday 26.09 I visited the ISH together with my fellow student colleagues from The Hague University for Applied Sciences – Faculty of Health, Nutrition and Sports;. Rik Taam, Marjolijn Hut, Claudia van der Meer and Natalia Mauritz.

We arrived early in the morning to the Markies canteen kitchen where Kees made sure we had all the ingredients we needed so that we could immediately start working! We prepared three vegetable snacks with dips that were especially designed to support brain functions (white, served with carrots), body performance (purple, served with cucumbers) and a healthy skin colour (green, served with sweet red peppers).

At the breaks we offered the students and staff samples, everybody was curious to taste our colourful selection. While tasting, Rik Taam, a Dutch Athletics champion inspired and motivated students to follow their dreams and I together with the rest of the team provided information about the dips and the importance of feeding your body so that you can perform and look at your best.

And what did the students learn from the exhibition “Feed Your Dreams”?

  1. B group 7, dreams of becoming an actress: “Never give up! Eat healthy (to look beautiful), always be happy no matter what happens”.
  2. A group 8, dreams of becoming an American football player in the NFL: (learned about) “All the foods that will help me boost my energy, memory and reflexes to make me quicker”.
  3. S group 10, dreams of having a good job in the future and be healthy: “I learned that eating well really affects you. If you eat healthy your organs are a lot better…It also helps your mental state…”

These three students received a 10 euro gift card to spend in the canteen, donated by Markies Catering.

We all enjoyed a fantastic day talking about dreams and nutrition at the ISH.

A big thank you for Markies catering, Emond, Kees and the rest of the canteen employees that welcomed us into their busy kitchen!

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